Frequently Asked Questions...

1. What type of merchandise do you have?

Our Holiday Gift Shop/Santa’s Secret Shop  carries a complete selection of gift items. The items will include jewelry, professional and college teams sports items, and family identified items such as mom and dad items.


2. What are the prices of your merchandise?

The items range in price from 20 cents to $10.00.   Most items are in the one to three dollar range.  We can customize your order to include more or less of different priced items.


3. What does it cost?

The only cost associated with this program is the cost of the merchandise you do not return. All shipping, delivery and reorder costs, as well as, supplies associated with the program are all part of the program and do not incur an additional cost.


4. What does the organization do with left over merchandise?

Return it to Fun Services. All merchandise is on consignment, meaning the group only pays for what it does not return.


5. What if we run low on an item?

Just fill out our handy reorder form and fax it to us or just call us.  We will have the merchandise to you the next day.


6. When does the group pay for the merchandise?

The bill is due at the time of pick up of your unsold merchandise.


7. How much does the organization make?

Fun Services believes that this program is best used as a service or learning project for the children; and as such, it should not be considered as a major fundraiser. The profit that your group makes is based entirely on how much you mark up the merchandise.


8. How do I know I am operating the shop correctly?

About a month before your shop, you will receive a success manual that will guarantee your success. Just read and follow the manual that has been written with over forty years of experience and your shop will be a pleasure to operate. If you are still not sure, pick up the phone and speak to the owner.

Here are some common questions. 
If you still have questions, we invite you to  contact us.


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We proudly service schools from Charlotte

to Wilmington, Winston-Salem & Greensboro to

Fayetteville and everywhere in between. And because we only service schools here

in North Carolina, you will also have the advantage of receiving local professional sports items & collegiate items. The gifts will include items representing the Carolina Panther’s, Duke University, NC State, UNC and more!

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