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Tools & tips to make your job easier

Fun Services works hard to make your program both successful and simple.  This page has lots of great tools for our chair people and volunteers alike.  If you need additional information or have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our Success Manual is packed with great information.  From how to schedule your teachers to recruiting volunteers, this step-by-step guide will ensure a smooth and successful gift shop program for your school!

Our Voucher Program has helped more children participate, and is easier for parents to use than cash.

Voucher Program

A: No.  There is a small fee charged to each person when they purchase a voucher.  This helps us keep our prices down and avoids any additional fees to the school.

A: Yes.  If it has an AUTH CODE.  Some families may need to copy their parent letter because a relative like Grandma or Grandpa want to give their grandchild money to shop with.  Parents can simply have their relatives purchase a voucher online and provide the parent with the AUTH CODE and dollar amount.

A: Since the voucher will have the student’s name on it, we recommend treating it like a bad check.  You would contact the family and ask for the correct amount from that family.

A: The chairperson has been given login credentials to view any/all purchases made for their school.  Simply write down the student’s name, voucher AUTH CODE and the dollar amount, then proceed as normal.  

A: Yes, please.  This will help us issue refunds if a family purchases a voucher and is unable to use it before the shop ends at your school.

A: No.  Using the Daily Sales Worksheet, your cash will be accurate if you just track your totals each day.

A: Absolutely!  If your student didn’t spend the full amount of their voucher, you can give them change.  You will receive credit for the full voucher amount at the end of your program if you include it in your daily sales totals.

A: You will receive an e-mail with login credentials in mid to late November.

When it’s time to calculate your final invoice for our traditional program, our Daily Sales Worksheet Calculator can do the math for you.  Be sure to write in your final numbers and return a paper copy of the Daily Sales Worksheet at the end of your Holiday Gift Shop or Santa’s Secret Shop.

Virtual Shop Tips

Our virtual program offers the ability to market the program through email and social media!  Instead of paper flyers, your school will receive an e-letter that can be sent home through email or posted to your school’s website or social media accounts.

In addition, we have created some fun images you can use!  Please feel free to use them as reminders to your students and families.

The Virtual Gift Shop is an alternative for schools that do not have the room or volunteers to host a traditional program or for schools that may want to offer a one-day in person shop and the virtual shop as a supplement.

Promote, Promote, Promote!

We encourage you to use the digital promotions we provide to get your families excited about the virtual store opening and shopping for those special gifts.  Send an email and share to your social media posts.

Involve your administration and staff

Create and share a video of your principal or a favorite staff member encouraging your students to shop for family and friends. They can talk about budgeting too… bringing in those economic lessons!

Shipping Orders

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Orders are shipped to the school for parents to pick up . All orders are packed by student and will include self-sealing gift bags! 

All gifts come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  We will gladly exchange or refund your purchase if you are not satisfied. 
If parents have any questions, please have them contact us directly at 919-556-4030 or

Helpful how-to videos for our tablet cash register system.