Show your support with these cute gift tags!

You can use these FUN tags along with some mints to show your appreciation.

4 Per Page or 9 Per Page

Special offers

Choose one of the following:

  • 3% Invoice Discount
  • 25 Rolls of Premium Double-Sided Gift Wrap

You can choose from an additional discount to add to your profit totals or to cover the cost of some gifts for less fortunate students, OR 25 rolls of our double sided gift wrap which are perfect for volunteer thank-you’s or teacher appreciation ideas.


As a thank you for helping us Spread Joy, we will gladly provide you with a $50 Gift Card when you refer a new school to us!  Not only that, but we will provide the referred school with 50 FUN Bucks that they can use however they see fit.  It’s a WIN-WIN!