Special offers

Existing Customer:
Our Repeat Customer Discount is the best discount of the year!  Be sure to re-sign before the end of the year to receive your bonus offer!

New to Fun Services:
You can select from two different promotions!  We are offering the choice between 150 Fun Bucks or 22 Rolls of Gift Wrap.  Fun Bucks can be spent like coupons and are normally reserved for students that aren’t able to participate otherwise.  The Gift Wrap Rolls are yours to do with as you see fit.  Give them to teachers or volunteers, or use them in a raffle to raise a little extra money.


As a thank you for helping us Spread Joy, we will gladly provide you with a $50 Gift Card when you refer a new school to us!  Not only that, but we will provide the referred school with 50 FUN Bucks that they can use however they see fit.  It’s a WIN-WIN!